There is a Vietnamese idiom “Con gà cục tác lá chanh” which means “The chicken clucked, pecked on a lime leaf”. This is probably the undeniable "truth" in the art of national cuisine. The origin of this combination is simple, chicken served with lemon leaves just tastes better. In terms of color palette and food artistry, the green of lemon leaves combined with the yellow of chicken creates an eye-catching and beautiful food presentation.

But the question is, why lemon leaves? Why not grapefruit leaves, orange leaves or anything else familiar in the gardens of the ancient Vietnamese people?

Long time ago, chicken has long been perceived as a main dish in every Vietnamese families’ dining table. Hence, they have a variety of ways to transform a fresh chicken into different rich and flavorful dishes. When it comes to the topic of nutritious food, Vietnamese dishes are always on top of the list. The tradition of cooking with organic herbs and vegetables are embedded in Vietnamese culture, thus, creating the healthiest, “fresh from the farm” meals.


Pho Ga VnChicken Noodle is represented by passion and ideology. Our founder – Mrs. Doan, is inspired by her great love of food and her greater love for country (patriotism) in creating this restaurant. She named it “Pho Ga” translated as chicken soup because it means family love and togetherness.

The founder’s dream is to create an unpretentious, casual, family-style restaurant – serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine what made 100% from fresh free-range chicken. She believes that good food makes life healthy and balanced. Which also made up of a huge portion for simple pleasures life. For Mrs.Doan, there is great value in doing simple jobs with love, passion, and precision.

Pho Ga’s focus on fresh ingredients, including a top-grade fresh free-range chicken accompanied by a wonderful medley of vegetables and herbs, and the beauty of simple preparation, is at the heart of each dishes served. Our menu has the perfect balance of fibers, carbs, and proteins indulging people to a healthy meal and a healthier well-being.



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